Posted by: JB | April 18, 2011

Weekend for Wes Contributors

On May 14 and 15 of 2011 we will be hosting the 1st Annual “Weekend for Wes.”  This idea started last summer while Kyle and Josh were talking after playing basketball up at Golfmoor Park.  At first it was just a 3 on 3 outdoor tournament we could run at Golfmoor, a place that holds special meaning to a lot of us, including Wes.  The golf scramble was added in another conversation, a month or so later, while Josh was driving back up to his Indianapolis home talking to Kyle on the phone.  That conversation was the foundation on which the “Weekend for Wes” was built.

From there we branched out to people who were good friends of Wes’ that we knew we could trust and would work hard bringing our vision to a reality.  Josh signed up Brian and J.P. Claybourn during the Race for the Cure in Evansville while Kyle teamed up with Tyrone Browning to help plan the 3 on 3 tournament.   We then added Chad Wingert a couple weeks after that.  All four of those guys were close friends of Wes, and in Chad’s case old roommates.  The final addition to our staff was Kevin Spahn.  Kevin had no past relationship with Wes but was very eager to donate his time, energy, and effort to the web banner, posters, and t-shirt design.

The rest, as they say is history. 

All of us were friends and some of us were family going in, but through the experience of building this event from scratch, to remember Wes, we’ve all become closer.  All of us are very proud of being a part of the “Weekend for Wes,” and we hope that everyone has a great time at our events.

If you need anything or have suggestions/questions during any of the events please find one of us and we’ll be happy to help.

We are happy to a branch of the Wes Attebury Foundation and for the complete list of their board members please visit

Melissa Attebury- President of the Wes Attebury Foundation

Kyle Attebury– Co-Creator of Weekend for Wes

Josh Barnett– Co-Creator of Weekend for Wes

Brian Claybourn– Sponsorship Committee

Chad Wingert– Sponsorship Committee

J.P. Claybourn– Sponsorship Committee

Kevin Spahn– Weekend for Wes Graphic Designer, T-Shirt Creator

Tyrone Browning– 3 on 3 Committee



  1. Nice to see that you hired people you could trust…

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