W4W Contributors

Name                           Email                                                  Details

Kyle Attebury            kattebury.w4w@gmail.com         President of the Foundation

Josh Barnett               jbarnett.w4w@gmail.com            Board member, W4W Founder

Tyrone Browning     tbrowning.w4w@gmail.com        Board member, Know-it-all

Brian Claybourn       bclaybourn.w4w@gmail.com      Board member, Marketing Director

JP Claybourn           jpclaybourn.w4w@gmail.com     Foundation VP, W4W Sponsorships

Scott Hartman           shartman.w4w@gmail.com          W4W Social Media Director

Chad Wingert            cwingert.w4w@gmail.com            Foundation & W4W Treasurer

This annual event would not be possible without the combined efforts of dozens of other volunteers, Helfrich Pro Dave McAtee, Melissa Rouser, and especially Tim and Pam Attebury.



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