Posted by: JB | May 15, 2012

Basketball Thoughts 2012

Hopefully you all enjoyed my golf thoughts enough that you will take time to read this year’s installment of “Basketball Thoughts” by Josh Barnett.  Remember this is all for fun, and said in jest so don’t take anything I say seriously except for this…

Last year’s Weekend for Wes 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament was LEGIT!  I had such a great time playing, competing, fouling, getting fouled, etc that I can’t wait to do it again.  And this year the competition looks every bit as tough.  Let’s dig right in…

We’ll start with the champs, F.O.E.  They are back to defend their title and something tells me that Coach Pat Harris has a few new plays drawn up from the off season.  Until someone beats them they are again the team to beat.

Most interesting team is the Killer B’s.  Under the Weekend for Wes rules somebody has to pass the ball in for the play to begin.  This is not a problem for the other 31 teams, however when you put a team full of Brunson’s together it becomes pure entertainment.  Solution?  Put Kurt on the team and make him take it out…every time.  I’m not sure how big of a role Tyrone will play for this team but I will say he looks to be in much better shape this year.  As you can see in the photo below last year was more about the free food than the actual events…

Speaking of Team Browning from last year…0-2?!?!?!?!  I’ll never understand how Levron Williams, Tyrone Browning, Cory Brunson, and Clint Keown can’t get one W.  What happened?

Kevin Spahn enters his 19nine squad for another attempt at winning a few games.  One request since he’s our t-shirt designer, take it easy on fouls involving his hands/arms.  #1 he’s super fragile and #2 he’s the reason we have amazing t-shirts (insert 19nine plug…here).

Since we are on the topic of my team, is it possible to contend for the 3 on 3 title Sunday morning after going out Saturday night?  I say no.  Last year my entire team suffered for the better half of 3 games with what was deemed, “Chilly Willy Legs.”  It’s a rare, temporary virus that disallows you the ability to jump, move laterally, or get in a defensive stance.  (For further evidence/details please see Chad Wingert) I have no idea how we got it but it ruined us early on.  What team (besides 19nine) is brave enough to challenge this scientific fact this year?

Drew Pac requested a team name change after nearly winning the whole thing last year.  Request…denied!  Mainly because Drew Adams, one of the top 12-15 shooters in the tourney, told me he liked it.  As anyone who played last year can attest, being in shape is extremely important if you plan to make a run (see Pickle Loafers) and having 3 guys who currently play college ball can’t hurt your chances.  I like this team to make another run this year.

Potential coaching match up worth noting would be if Andy Kissel of your Reitz Panthers coaching staff matches up against Heath Howington of nobody’s Harrison Warriors coaching staff.  Both respectable, upstanding citizens, and students of the game so naturally my prediction is a comedy of errors, turnovers, errant shots, and time outs being called while falling out of bounds.

Bel-Air Academy could earn a spot in Weekend for Wes lore if they all show up looking like this…

The Squidbillies were my sleeper pick to win it all last year.  I certainly will not be making that mistake again this year, or any other year they participate.

The people of Evansville were expecting big things out of a potential teaming up of Brian Claybourn with Blake English.  Instead Claybourn teamed with Jesse “The Business” Gehlhausen and questions swirled regarding LC’s intelligence.

Destiny’s Darlings kept their nucleus of Chad Wingert, Matt Bradfield, and Paul “Oladipo” James intact.  They also added the Energizer Bunny himself, Chad Phillips.  I look for this team to extend their losing streak to 4 before taking their reserved position in the stands.  Rumor has it they’ve been working on “hedging” the pick and rolls.

J.P. Claybourn tries to put an end to the myth that you can’t win with Mater Dei players by joining up with Benny Faraone and Dominic Faraone.  After going 0-2 last year will the real Benny Faraone please stand up?

SHIRTS played pretty well last year and won several games before bowing out.  This year they added Dusty Jourdan to the mix.  My take?  Subtraction by addition…you never want to add a player if that makes you a worse team.  McClarney you earn the worst GM of the Weekend for Wes Award.  Also, if you missed Kurt Beagle in action last year here’s a pic…

Team Weezy made a nice off season move dropping Trent Wiley and picking up Clark Carnahan…instant upgrade.  However, they failed to address the other two problems from last year and return Chris Wedding and Brandon McClish.

Glad to see Brad Hargrove playing again this time without Kyle Anslinger.  Brad told me he thinks Anslinger was the one holding them back last year and he sees his current team as better suited to make a deep run…

An unknown team that’s drawing a lot of speculation is Billy Hewig’s squad.  Adam Seitz is a former Indiana All-Star from southern Indiana, and I have to imagine Billy Hewig is still a space eater in the middle.  If the Chris Kramer they have on their team is the same Chris Kramer from Purdue a couple years ago this team will be there in the end.

If your team starts winning games and you feel a little famished I suggest befriending Engelbrecht’s Orchard team.  I have a hunch they will have the most delicious, nutritional snacks of all the other teams.

Reminder for Preston Mattingly of the Rhinos: No baseball bats, footballs, mascots, or fire trucks are allowed on the Weekend for Wes playing surface.  Also, any shots from the stands, or bouncing off the rafters, walls, or bleachers will be called out of bounds.  Translation:  don’t bring that Bearwinkle stuff to the Weekend for Wes!  Of course to be able to commit any of those violations you’ll need Darren Cloud to first pass you the ball…highly unlikely.

And finally we’ll end this with my favorite scene from last year.  Demetrius “Butta” Fingers had a nice run last year highlighted by a game winning three to beat Matt Breivogel’s team.  This was my favorite scene from last year because right after the shot went in Breivogel smiled real big and gave Butta a five/hug…even though he was the one Butta hit the 3 over.  Besides being classic Breivogel this is what the Weekend for Wes is about.  Yes we are here to compete, to play hard, to win, but most of all we are here for Wes and to value the time we can all be around each other.  Let’s not lose sight of that in the face of competition and enjoy the day for what it is…an opportunity to enjoy friends and family alike.


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