Posted by: JB | February 9, 2012

Quail Crossing Golf Club

The Weekend for Wes has a new home for 2012.  We will be hosting the 2nd Annual Weekend for Wes golf outing at Quail Crossing Golf Club.  Unfortunately, we had a scheduling conflict with Cambridge Golf Course (through no fault of theirs) and Quail Crossing was nice enough to help us out.  I truly appreciate all that Matt Scheessele did to try to make it work for us at Cambridge after he was given the wrong date originally.  We will be back at Cambridge in the near future. 

But for this year we will be at Quail Crossing, and I really appreciate the work that Mamie Wood has put in to get this scramble scheduled in short time.  This year players will pay $55 per person or $220 per team.  This fee includes all golf fees and food before/after round depending on if you play in the morning or afternoon.  Quail Crossing is also giving back to the Wes Attebury Foundation by sponsoring the Weekend for Wes and for that we are grateful.

Please check out Quail Crossings website ( and be sure to play there early this golfing season in preparation for the Weekend for Wes.


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