Posted by: JB | May 8, 2011

1st Annual “Weekend for Wes” Guide

Welcome to the 1st Annual “Weekend for Wes”.  First and foremost, please remember that we are here for one reason and that is to celebrate the life of Wes Attebury.  We have put together a comprehensive list of rules and guidelines for both the golf scramble and the 3 on 3 tournament.   All rules and guidelines are set in stone and very cut and dry.  All questions or concerns about either event should be covered in our lists below.  While there isn’t any room for spectators at Cambridge there is plenty of viewing room at Reitz Gym so be sure to invite friends and family to come check out the basketball action.  Here is your guide to the “Weekend for Wes”…


  1. Please show up rain or shine.  We’ll do everything in our power to play the round.
  2. Registration will begin at 7:15
  3. We want everybody registered by 7:45.  Please be on time!
  4. Mulligans will be $5 per with a maximum of 4 per team
  5. If your team purchases all 4 mulligans for $20, you will get a 3ft string that you can use once on the front 9 and once on the back 9 to get closer to the hole or out of trouble.  You can move your ball the length of the string to help you.
  6. T-shirts will be on sale for $20 (sizes x-small to xx-large)
  7. Shotgun start at 8am for all teams
  8. Absolutely no horseplay on the course (bumper carts, carts too close to the green, etc).   It simply won’t be tolerated by the course or us.  You will be removed from the scramble not be invited back to future events.
  9. Please only drink in moderation.  Please no obnoxious behavior.
  10. Pace of Play: with 33 teams we’re already looking at a 5hr round.  Please keep up with standard pace of play by not taking too long at the turn, looking for lost balls for 10 minutes, etc.
  11. Hot dog/hamburger meal outside the clubhouse afterwards.


  1. Reitz Gym opens at 8am.
  2. First games will tip off at 9am.
  3. We will have a staggered start and we will release game times later this week.
  4. Each player will need to register at the front table as they walk into the gym.  We need you to sign a release form, put down your email address for future events, and pick up your t-shirt.
  5. 3pt shoot out sign sheet will be available during registration and the cost to participate is $5.
  6. Each team must have 3 players to play and no player can play on multiple teams.
  7. Games will be played in the big and small gyms on the four main courts.
  8. Games will be played straight to 12 points by 1’s and 2’s.
  9. 2pt field goals = 1pt, 3pt field goals = 2pts
  10. Shoot for ball: you make it = your ball; miss it = other teams ball.
  11. Call your own fouls.  Respect the call.
  12. 3 fouls on game point will result in a point and win for the offensive team.  Play good defense!
  13. Take backs:  All missed shots (air balls included), turnovers, etc. will have to be cleared behind the 3pt line before you can attack the basket on offense.
  14. Each court will have a “Manager” that will keep score on a visual scoreboard and make final decisions on controversial plays (toe on the 3pt line, fouls, etc.)
  15. “Court Managers” will have referee shirts on (zebra stripes) and what they say goes. Period.
  16. Use the regular out of bounds lines on the baseline and sideline, also the half court line is out of bounds too.
  17. Every stoppage of play (foul, out of bounds,etc) will be checked up at the top of the key.
  18. Ball must be checked up before game is live again.
  19. No free throws will be shot during the tournament.
  20. No fighting or cussing
  21. Double elimination tournament means that team coming out of the Losers Bracket will have to defeat the Winners Bracket team twice to win the title.
  22. Gatorade will be provided for players and court managers at each court.
  23. No new teams will be accepted the day of the tournament.  Pre-registration only and we are full.
  24. Bring two different shirts with different colors so we avoid having two teams with the same color playing on the same court.
  25. Please leave the court promptly after your game is finished so the next game can start ASAP.
  26. Tournament champs will receive Champion t-shirts and will be presented with the Champions Trophy for pictures.  Trophy will be engraved with team and player names after the tournament.

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