Posted by: JB | April 25, 2011

28 Team Limit

Just to add to our last post about the 3 on 3 tournament we wanted to let everybody know that we will be capping the team limit at 28.  With the concert happening at 3 and with the tournament being double elimination, 28 teams is the most we can see having and still being able to make the concert in time.  A 28 team double elimination tournament means we will play 54 games in order to determine a champion.  That’s a lot of basketball in a short amount of time. 

The first set of 3 on 3 games will start at 8am and we hope to play the championship at 2pm.  Right now we have 24 teams registered to play.  We cannot stress enough the importance of submitting a team to either Kyle Attebury or Josh Barnett asap and sending your money in shortly thereafter.  We will not be accepting any walk-in teams the day of the tournament.  So there are 4 spots open, and as it is with everything else we do, first 4 teams to pay get the spots.

We’re only a few short weeks away from an incredible weekend.  We hope everybody else is as excited as we are!

Please continue to check the website as the events get closer for more detailed information.


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