Posted by: JB | March 20, 2011

Personal Donations

We want to take every opportunity we can to thank our sponsors as well as all of the people that have submitted scramble and basketball teams.  This event would not be the success it is going to be without your generosity and interest.  With that said if anybody out there that might be unable to play or isn’t a part of a business that is willing to donate but you want to make a personal donation to the Wes Attebury Foundation please get in touch with us. If you are playing but want to donate more than the small donation included in the entry fee please feel free to do so as well.  

Personal donations will be accepted no matter the amount donated.  We will put any donator up on the sponsors page of the website unless you would like to remain anonymous.  Every little bit helps.  Please contact Kyle Attebury (kattebury21@gmail), or Josh Barnett ( if you have any questions about how to submit a donation.  We thank you very much.


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