Posted by: JB | February 22, 2011

Wes Attebury Foundation

Here is the updated foundation information that Kyle just added to the Wes Attebury Foundation page above.  We wanted to post it here so everybody can read it at least once and it will also stay permanently on the foundation page. 

Wes’s Story…

 The Wes Attebury Foundation is a great way to honor the late Wes Attebury and also raise money for other local victims of Melanoma Skin Cancer.  In 2007 Wes lost his battle with Melanoma.  His faith and fight during his battle touched the entire Westside of Evansville, IN.  Following Wes’s death, a group of individuals came together to form The Wes Attebury Foundation.  The foundation is a way to always keep Wes’s name alive, help other individuals, and bring Melanoma awareness to the community.

Wesley James Attebury was an amazing person.  He loved life and wanted others to do the same.  Wes was someone who had never met a stranger.  In his earlier years, Wes touched many people with his athletic abilities.  He was an amazing basketball player and was skilled enough to play at the college level.  Wes was an All-American at Olney Central Junior College.  After playing at Olney, Wes took his talents to the University of Southern Indiana where he continued his basketball success.  In 2004, Wes was aware of an odd looking area on his skin and decided to get it checked out.  It was confirmed that Wes had Melanoma Skin Cancer and it had spread to his lymph nodes.  After a year of continuous medical shots, Wes had beat Melanoma and was on his way to a full recovery.  Wes was soon found in the gym again playing basketball, softball, wiffleball, lifting weights, and working on his golf game.   But Wes would have been most proud of being found in the church.  Through his first fight with Melanoma, Wes developed a very strong relationship with the Lord.  The same passion he had found in sports, he had found in GOD.  Wes was so excited about his faith, and he wanted everybody to share the same excitement.  He never missed an opportunity to spread the good word about the Lord. 

A couple of years had passed by and Wes started getting a pain in his lower back.  His job required much lifting so everyone around him thought it was a pulled muscle or had a slipped disc.  After getting some tests done, it was confirmed that the Melanoma had surfaced again and his lower back pain was from a tumor.  The Melanoma Skin Cancer had spread throughout.  Wes decided to turn everything to GOD.  He did not become sad or angry.  He did not blame anybody or ask why me.  Instead, Wes saw this situation as a great opportunity to bring people closer to the lord.  Throughout Wes’s entire fight he never complained and always stayed positive.  Before Wes passed away, he was able to hold his new born son one last time before leaving for Louisville to continue his fight with Melanoma.  Wes was a HERO to the entire Evansville community.  He touched hundreds of people’s lives and helped bring them closer to the Lord.  Wes will always be missed and forever in our hearts. We want to always keep Wes’s name alive, so that others can be blessed and encouraged by hearing his story.

The Wes Attebury Foundation has been in full force for over four years now.  The foundation’s main fundraiser is called “The Wes Attebury Concert”.  Every year in May since 2007, people from the Evansville community come together to celebrate the life of Wes and raise money for other local victims of Melanoma in Howell Park.  Live music is playing throughout the duration of the concert.  You can also find an auction booth, a Melanoma awareness booth, a face painting booth, and great tasting food at the concessions.  Through this fundraiser alone, The Wes Attebury Foundation has been able to raise thousands of dollars and help several local people who are fighting Melanoma.  The Wes Attebury Foundation wants to continue to grow.  This year, The Wes Attebury Foundation is starting “A Weekend for Wes”.  “A Weekend for Wes” is an entire weekend filled with events to continue to raise money for Melanoma victims and honor Wes at the same time.  On Saturday, May 14th, there will be a golf scramble at Cambridge Golf Course on the Evansville’s North Side.  This will be the first event to kick off “A Weekend for Wes”.  On Saturday, May 15th, there will be a 3 on 3 basketball tournament at Reitz High School.  Following the 3 on 3 basketball tournament will be the 5th annual Wes Attebury Concert.  All three of these events will complete the Weekend For Wes.  It will be a great time for old friends, teammates, and others to remember Wes, share stories, and help local victims win their fight against Melanoma.  Through these events the foundation hopes to reach a new audience with Wes’s message and story so that it lives on in a younger generation who maybe never had a chance to meet or know Wes.

The Wes Attebury Foundation is a great way to bring awareness of Melanoma to the community of Evansville.  Each year we want people to become educated on melanoma.  We want individuals to follow the steps in leading a healthy life.  At the concert each year, The Wes Attebury Foundation will hand out sunscreen and informative brochures on Melanoma skin cancer.  The foundation wants people to know what Melanoma is and what steps they can take to beat the beast. 

With your help, The Wes Attebury Foundation will continue to grow and bless other victims of Melanoma.  It is a great way to remember Wes, raise money to fight the beast, and educate the community about Melanoma.


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