Posted by: JB | February 17, 2011


Hello everybody and welcome to In the future this will be your one stop shop for all things that are involved in “A Weekend for Wes”. This concept of an entire weekend dedicated to Wes and his foundation was created by Kyle Attebury and Josh Barnett with added help from Tyrone Browning, Brian Claybourn, Chad Wingert, and Kevin Spahn. With help from others we’ve been able to put together a golf scramble and 3 on 3 basketball tournament that will go hand in hand with the Wes Attebury Foundation concert that they put on every year.

We hope to get plenty of players in both events and raise some money for the Wes Attebury Foundation. Mainly we want to get people together to remember and celebrate the life of Wes Attebury through basketball, golf, music, stories, and laughter. So start putting your teams together now and let’s go have some fun May 14-15, 2011.


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